Is your home a hotbed of unwanted metal?

We love metal

Are you housing objects that you no longer need?

Perhaps you’re planning a mass renovation and it’s going to be a case out with the old, in with the new.

You may have old radiators you wish to get rid of or cutlery you no longer use.

Perhaps you have tools in the shed that you want to dispose of or cast iron pots and pans.

Maybe you have copper you want to sell. Or steel rodding that’s been an eyesore in the garden.

Whatever metals you have and no longer want, JAW Metals will take.


JAW Metals buys ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, iron, tin, copper, you name it, they will buy it. 

As long as the metal you have to sell weighs in at over 1kg, talk to JAW Metals.

You may have some alloy wheels, or copper piping to sell.

Perhaps you’ve got a drawer full of old silver knives and forks you’d like to make some money on.

You may even have some gold lurking about! If you’ve got metal, JAW Metals will snap it up!

We will buy your metal off you. So if you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell metal near me?” give us a shout.

You might be thinking, “who buys copper wiring near me?” JAW Metals do!

Or you could be wondering, “who buys copper pipes Manchester?” JAW Metals do!

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell tin Manchester?” The answer is JAW Metals.

You might be wondering, “where can I sell non-ferrous metal near me?” or “where can I sell ferrous metal near me?” You’ve probably guessed the answer by now!

Take a look in your kitchen cupboards, for example, you’ve probably got a few tins in there.


Or you may have some empty cans of pop lurking about. 

JAW Metal will literally take everything, including the kitchen sink – if it’s metal!

We are certified metal merchants and ATF registered, so when you sell your metal to JAW Metals you’re in safe hands and doing your bit for the environment. 

We even offer a collection service so you don’t have to worry about any of the leg work.

So if you have, any old iron, or copper, or steel or any metal in fact – speak to JAW Metals.


If you have any questions simply give us a call and our staff will guide you every step of the way.

It’s never been a better time than now to sell your metal, so if you’re selling, JAW Metals are buying!

From keys, to metal bed frames, to metal framed spectacles. If it’s metal it’s in fine fettle with us.

JAW Metals are a leading metal processors and we even export tonnes of scrap metal every year. We’re a name you can trust.

We want your brass, we want your aluminium, we’ll take your lead and your titanium. 

We’ll have your copper too! All metals bought and good prices paid.

So if you’re wondering, “who buys aluminum in the North West?” JAW Metals do.

If you’re a business or household with metals to sell yhy not use our contact form on our website. Or speak to a team member on 01204 388488. Our processing yard is based in Bolton and we serve the whole of the North West.

So, to sell ferrous metal to best buyers in Manchester, give us a shout.

To sell non-ferrous metal to best metal processors in the North West, contact JAW Metals today!

Call 01204 388488.

If you want to sell a van why not contact our sister company Scrap A Van. Just click her for more information. They are the best payers for scrap vans in the North West.