Quite a few people ask us what’s the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metal?

Let JAW Metals give you a little lesson.

Ferrous metals are any metal that contains iron. They’re preferred for their durability and strength meaning they are commonplace in construction, industrial containers and piping. 

Non-ferrous metal doesn’t contain iron. It’s much lighter than ferrous metal and is suitable for if you need strength but weight needs to be a consideration too. Non-ferrous is used in the aircraft industry, for example. 

Ferrous metals have a high carbon content which makes them susceptible to rust.

Non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron and have a higher resistance to corrosion and rust which means they’re great for roofing and gutters.

Most ferrous metals are magnetic, which makes them useful when it comes to car and electrical appliances manufacturing.

And non-ferrous metals are not magnetic, this makes them useful for electronic wiring.

Weight-wise ferrous metals are heavier than non-ferrous metals. And non-ferrous metals are usually pricier than ferrous metals. 

But the good news is both non-ferrous and ferrous are recyclable and JAW Metals buys both!

Non-ferrous metal can be recycled over and over again. But Ferrous metals need to go through the process of being melted, purified and then compacted into a solid block. 

JAW Metals believes all metals should be recycled as it’s good for the environment. It helps reduce the amount of landfill which in turn decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This results in protecting the environment and saving energy. Living a greener life that benefits us all.


JAW Metals wants to hear from anyone who has ferrous and non-ferrous metal to sell.

We always pay the going rate and we can even arrange collection. As long as your metal weighs in at a minimum of 1KG, we are buying.

Ferrous metals we are after include steel, wrought iron and cast iron.

So if you’re thinking, “where can I sell steel Manchester way?” give us a shout.

Or you might be wondering, “who buys cast iron near me?” JAW Metals do!

You might be wondering, “where can I sell wrought iron near me?” come to JAW Metals.

It’s the same story for non-ferrous metals. You might be thinking, “where can I sell aluminium near me?” Contact us today.

Or you could be asking yourself, “where can I sell copper near me?” again come to JAW Metals.

And if you are wondering, “where can I sell lead near me?” give JAW Metals a shout.

You can call us on 01204 92948. We cover the whole of the North West region. 

So if you have steel, cast iron, wrought iron, aluminium, copper or lead we want to hear from you.

You can reach us by filling out our online form and we will get back to you.

JAW Metals is a family-run business, based in the heart of sunny Bolton. We’ve been in the scrap metal game for over three decades. 

Recycling is at the heart of what we do. So why not do your bit for the planet and sell your metal today to JAW Metals.

We also run a scrap car leg of our business, called The Scrappers. If you want to scrap a car then why not get directly in touch with The Scrappers.

Best prices are paid for scrap cars and vans and collection is free. They cover the whole of the north west and you can usually seal the deal in a day. Cash goes straight into your bank account. No fuss or mither, just a stress-free way to part with your vehicle. Why not contact them today!