Today we thought we’d talk about brass.

What is brass? And what purpose does it serve?

Brass in a non-ferrous metal, red in colour. It’s an alloy, meaning it’s a mix of copper and zinc.

When the proportions of copper and zinc are varied to certain levels they can be used for mechanical and electrical purposes. 

Brass was first discovered in about 500 BC and it’s pretty impressive how much this alloy is used.

If you’ve got any trophies or ornaments at home, chances are they will be made from brass.

It often makes an appearance on door handles and locks too.

Its resistance to corrosion makes it a popular material in architecture, used for trims and things and popular in the restoration of old buildings.

Brass is used to make musical instruments as well. That’s why there is a brass section in an orchestra. Think trumpets and French horns and the like. 

As far as metals go, Brass is a very useful material. It’s one that can be recycled too.

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