Do you have nonferrous metal you want to sell? 

Copper is a whopper of a metal!

Have you been thinking where can I sell my non-ferrous metal in Manchester? 

Then you need to speak to JAW metals.

JAW metals will buy your non-ferrous metal and pay you the going rate. 

Non-ferrous metals or alloys or metal which don’t contain any amounts of iron. 

In a nutshell, all pure metals are classed as non-ferrous metals. 

At JAW metals we buy non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. We’ll take both off your hands!

If you have non-ferrous metals to sell it’s worth bearing in mind they tend to fetch a better price than ferrous metals.

But don’t worry, as we will buy both. 

Non-ferrous metals include nickel, lead, copper, aluminium, tin, titanium and zinc. A

Also in the mix are copper alloys like brass and bronze. 

If on the other hand you have ferrous metal to sell, JAW metals will buy it.

When it comes to ferrous metals think of things like cast iron and carbon steel, all great, useful metals we might add. 

But these metals are more vulnerable to rusting when exposed to water and moisture. 

If you have non-ferrous metal to sell in the north-west JAW Metals are buying. 

If you are thinking where can I sell my non-ferrous metal today in Bolton for example contact JAW metals. 

AS long as you have a minimum of 1 kg gram of non-ferrous metal to sell JAW metals will buy. So why not sell your non-ferrous metal today.


If you’ve been searching for “where can I sell my nonferrous metal today near me?” then speak to JAW metals today. 

JAW metals is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the metal trade. 

We always offer our customers the going rate and check the metal value market daily. 

So if you want a fair price for your non-ferrous metal or ferrous metal contact JAW metals now.

You may be a business that wants to recycle metal on a weekly basis, then let’s talk! 

Contact JAW metals on 01204 929481.

We can arrange a regular collection of your metal turnings and leftovers. 

Why not use our online contact form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss metal further. 

Remember, we are after any type of metal so if you’re selling your metals, we are buying.

We can also arrange house clearings and skips, so if you have a home you need emptying quickly and professionally, speak to us.

You can contact us on the phone and directly via our website.


Our HQ is based in Bolton and we are well and truly equipped for all types of metal processing. Recycling is at the heart of what we do at JAW Metals.

Demand for metal is currently at an all time high, but like anything in life this will change. So now is the time to take the opportunity to sell your metal while demand is high.

Give JAW Metals a call on 01204 929481. No matter where in the North West you’re based, JAW Metals can come to you. 

Sell your ferrous or non-ferrous metal today at JAW Metals.

And if you have a car to scrap then why not contact The Scrappers. The Scrappers are a registered ATF and part of the JAW Metals family. They pay the best rates for scrap vehicles.

You can find out more by visiting their website. They buy any car, van, truck or bike too.

No matter what make or model or year you have, you can scrap or sell any vehicle to The Scrappers today!