If you’ve been searching online for, “best paying scrap metal merchants near me”, happy days – you’ve found us.

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JAW Metals are the go to scrap metal dealers serving the North West of England.

So if you want the best paying scrap metal dealers in the North West, please contact us.

We are after all grades of scrap metal, from ferrous to non-ferrous.

Metals we are after include, copper, alloy, irony aluminium, brass, steel, led, palladium, platinum and zinc. We buy precious metals too such as gold. Basically, if it’s metal JAW Metals are buying.

We are currently after an abundance of alloy wheels and because demand is so high, we can offer you an amazing return.


Why don’t you drop us a line and strike while the iron, copper or zinc is hot!!!

JAW Metals buys scrap metal from the general public, construction, local councils, demolishing businesses and manufacturers. We buy metal from household clearances too.

If it’s metal, we want it.

We’re also after car batteries, engines and of course cars.

Metal, metal, metal is what we’re after, so why not cash in and make some decent dosh!

Perhaps you’ve been searching for, “best paying scrap metal buyers near me”. Give JAW Metals a shout.

Or perhaps you’re looking for, “best paying scrap metal buyers in Manchester”. Let JAW Metals sort you out.


Alternatively you could be hunting for, “best paying scrap metal buyers in Bolton”, that would be us! In Fact, JAW Metals is actually based in Bolton but we operate throughout the North West. We even work with other metal business in the UK and we are always looking to expand our connections.

We also export engines overseas and that’s why we want to hear from anyone who has engines to sell or metals. 

You can contact us by either calling 01204 929481 or by filling out our online form.

JAW Metals are a family run business with over 30 years in the scrap metal and recycling game. All our metals are weighed on our calibrated weighing bridge and we can sort out a;; the paperwork. So when you deal with JAW Metals, you’re dealing with a trusted company.


So why not make money today and get in touch with JAW Metals. Give us a call on 01204 929481. Or reach us online.

We are also scrap vehicle buyers. Buying in plant machines, cars and vans.

In fact, we have a particular arm of our business that buys in scrap vans, called Scrap A Van.

So if you have a van to scrap or sell, why don’t you give them a shout.

Alternatively, you amy have a car to sell and you can contact Any Car Bought For Cash if you do. They buy running vehicles and pay the best prices.


Or perhaps you’re after certain vehicle parts. If that’s the case contact our leading car parts store, Metro Salvage. They sell quality used car parts at excellent prices. Their ethos is simple; keeping motorists on the road for less.

Let’s face it, as prices around the world soar, Metro Salvage want to save you money.

And JAW Metals want to keep you earning money. So why not make money today and sell your metal to JAW Metals.

Demand won’t always stay so high so grab this opportunity while you can. 

Cash in and get the best price for scrap metal today with JAW Metals. All grade metals bought.

Call us on 01204 929481. Or go online line.

JAW Metals – a name you can trust. Sell well and make money now.

Give us a shout and earn cash today.