Christmas is fast approaching. 

Yes we know… this is copper… not silver!

If you haven’t started your shopping yet, chances are you’re probably about to. 

So what could come in handier than a nice bundle of dosh to get you rolling.

You might have items you’ve been meaning to sell.  From an old car you no longer use to copper pots and pans you no longer need.

Perhaps you have copper cable stashed around the house.

Or you might have some iron cook pots that you’ve been meaning to get shut off.


You may possibly have some old alloys from a vehicle that you want to sell.

Or even a huge stash of aluminium cans you’v promised the family you’ll get rid off.

Basically if you have metal of any form and you need to sell, JAW Metals are readily buying.

We buy all grades of metal, best prices paid too.

And we are trying to remind our customers that’s there’s never been a better time to part with their metal. 

Now’s the time to cash in for Christmas and sell that metal well!

From ferrous to non-ferrous, we will buy it all. The timing couldn’t be better to make some pre Christmas cash.

And you can literally get paid the same day you contact us.

We buy all things metal and all grades of metal.


Perhaps you have some brass pots and pans you’d like to make money on.

Or some old radiators you had ripped out and want gone. You could have an old silver service set you’ve been meaning to sell for ages. You could have been asking yourself, “where can I sell my old silverware near me?” Then contact JAW Metals.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “who will give me the best price for silver in Manchester?” Give us a shout.

Maybe you have platinum to sell and you’ve been wondering, “who pays the most for platinum near me?” Or you’ve been asking, “who pays the most for platinum in Manchester?” Then please do get in touch with JAW Metals.

We’ll take all metals. That means precious metals, semi-precious metals. And like we mentioned we buy in all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Or maybe some gold jewellery you might no longer need.

Contact JAW Metals and get a great settlement for your metal. 

You can contact us online or by calling our direct number.

Remember we are part of the Metro Salvage family with over 30 years on the scrap vehicle and scrap metal business.

So if you have a car to sell or scrap, tell us about it too!


We are majorly after alloy wheels at the moment. So if you want to sell alloy wheels to the best payer – tell JAW Metals.

And if you want to sell parts of a car, please let us know too.

If you want to, ‘sell an engine for best price near me’ contact JAW.

We also want car batteries. Sell car batteries for best piece to JAW Metals.

JAW Metals buys old car panels, the lot. If it’s metal we want it.

Oh, we also do house clearances too. So if you’ve been wanting to get rid of a load of gear and you want it gone for Christmas – contact us.

Did you know we can even arrange the skip for you – how good is that.

We are based in Bolton and we serve the whole of the North West. So don’t be shy – give JAW Metals a try! 

Call us on (01204) 929481 or contact us via our website.

Get that extra money rolling in for Christmas by selling your unwanted metals to JAW Metals.