The spoon you ate your breakfast cereal with this morning. The razor you used to trim your facial fuzz. The key you turned in the ignition to get you to work.. all made out of metal!

Metal, what a beautiful and useful thing to behold. 

Take steel, for example: strong, versatile and 100 per cent recyclable!

At JAW Metals we love steel we do.

It is  estimated 10 million tonnes of steel are recycled in the UK alone each year.

And steel counts for around 70 per cent off a vehicle’s composition. Yep that’s right, almost three quarters of a car or van is made up of steel. It’s like skin on a human, steel is the car’s largest organ.

Needless to say, recycling steel is crucial in order to look after the planet. 

Using recycled steel decreases water consumption by 40 per cent. And it decreases water pollution by 76 per cent inserted of mining steel from scratch. 


These days, every new vehicle you see on the road will be made up of at least 25 per cent recycled steel – now how’s that for moving forwards! 

So when you recycle steel, with JAW Metals, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter what form it reaches us in. JAW Metals will make good use of any steel you pass their way and any other grade of metal for that matter too.

For example, when you’re faced with the option of scrapping your vehicle, you can take heart in knowing you’re doing the world some good. You are playing your parts in making the world a greener and safer place by reducing pollution and resource consumption. 

And the mad thing is, one day you could cross paths with your former vehicle in another form entirely. 

That spoon, that razor, that key… could have all come for a scrap car, you scrap car!


And that’s why JAW Metals is paying a premium for all grades of metal right now.

No matter if it’s ferrous or non-ferrous, we’d like to hear from you.

Recyclable metal has never been as much in demand as it is now. Now is truly the time too cash in and make the most of your scrap metal.

Sell while prices are high and take comfort knowing you’re helping to save the planet too.

JAW Metals are a family run business serving the North West and beyond. We have over 35 years experience in the scrap metal trade – we’re a name you can trust.

We can even arrange a collection of your scrap metal, taking out any of the legwork for you.

So why not make money the tree free way and sell your metal to JAW Metals today.

Call us on 01204 929481 or fill out our online form

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We are based in Bolton but serve the whole region and we even deal with businesses further afield too. JAW Metals even offers free domestic collections, you can’t say fairer than that.

So what are you waiting for? GIve us a shout today and make money on that metal. 

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